Interested New Teacher



     The atmosphere set by the faculty and staff of LJIA provides for an enjoyable workplace. While working at LJIA, you become a part of our family as we all strive together to accomplish the goal of giving the children of Lijiang the very best education that we can provide for them. This spirit of co-operation is what makes LJIA such a special employment opportunity. It is a school whose administrators really care about the teachers, and want to see them thrive both in the classroom, as well as in the community. For this reason, LJIA provides an optional Chinese Language class for all teachers.

     The curriculum that LJIA uses helps to lessen the load put on a teacher each day. LJIA is able to use the A Beka curriculum for many classes. The A Beka curriculum is extremely well laid out, as well as teacher friendly. It was made by teachers, and it is for teachers. Each day of lessons is laid out within the full curriculum notebook for each grade level and class. This gives the teacher the right understanding about what material must be covered each day, and even gives suggestions for how to perform their duties within the class. While the teacher is free to work outside of these suggestions, the A Beka curriculum works so well together with its books that it makes the job of the teacher much easier.

     In a country of great diversity, the location of LJIA makes it a great choice for interested teachers. While the major cities of China are often blanketed in a smog of factory waste, Lijiang is in an area protected for its beauty. From North to South, Yunnan, China is a gorgeous canvas of mountains, rivers, forests, and other kinds of natural beauty. Lijiang is a city found in a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains on all sides.

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